Anfisa Chekhov told me that helped her to shrink in volume

Анфиса Чехова рассказала, что помогло ей уменьшиться в объемах

Phenomenal weight loss TV presenter Anfisa Chekhova many haunted. The movie star, who earlier talked about the fact that no diet and exercise is not able to change the Constitution of her body, reduced in volume almost two times. It pleases itself as Anfisa and her fans, who, incidentally, want to know, what is the secret to its transformation. Chekhov stopped making it a secret and decided to tell, making it thinner.

It turns out, it’s all about love. “Since the issue of weight loss remains the most popular, tell. Specifically I didn’t do anything to lose weight. At some point in life it became clear to me that I am more concerned with what’s inside me than outside. And all the outer is always a reflection of the internal. We are mainly concerned, like to look good, something there cut and sew on the face and body, tormented her shell, racked my willpower, and the result is always not forever. A person who cares about the inner condition of his body, certainly breaks the jackpot in this visual casino”, — told Anfisa, adding that a big role in her weight loss to play visceral massage to aid proper digestion.

“My main answer: love yourself completely. Not only outside but inside. And take a comprehensively. I appeal to stop a fight. Statement to care for, to cherish”, — concluded his story Anfisa.

Earlier the husband Chekhova Guram Bablishvili opened your secret to weight loss.