Анфиса Чехова рассказала, как приобрела комплекс неполноценности
The presenter shared his recipe for getting rid of teenage phobias.

Anfisa Chekhova

Photo: Instagram

Anfisa Chekhova, reconsidered many things after a magical
transformation, shared a story from his youth, deprived of a future
star confidence.

people always evaluate themselves through the prism of other people’s opinions says
Anfisa. — Sometimes, even the most insignificant person
can significantly impair our self-image. I remember I was 17-18 years old. We with the girlfriend went to the bar, at the bar was
half-drunk man. At some point he looked at me muddled
alcohol eyes and spoke: “you have Beautiful Boobs, but the legs God gave you
cheated”. Strange
the remark of a drunken man planted a huge seed of doubt in my immature youthful minds. Since then, I began to look at his
feet, compare them with the others and stopped wearing mini. What to talk about
assessments that give us loved ones: parents, girlfriends, husbands! Women
especially tend to evaluate themselves through the eyes of men. From being so popular
use talkers, clock
pour in women’s ears sweet firs enthusiasm and admiration. Indeed, in reflection of the “love” this
men we see ourselves beautiful, we eat it
love look at us, our self-esteem grows as a grain, caught in
the black soil of his admiration! Through male infidelity, we get a mountain of doubt
myself: what makes it better, what is wrong with me, why he chose her over me?

the thing is, there is no objective criticism, there is no comparative analysis!
At one and the same we all look with different eyes! Someone I look young, slim and beautiful, someone is terrible, old and
fat! The question is: “What do you think about
currently I own? If
my love for yourself is strong, any criticism would me laugh! Your confidence
the belief in its exceptionalism is a powerful armor from all subjective
ratings and opinions! “I admit that much of me and not
everyone’s taste, but I love all of herself! I admire each its special part!
And what the other
think about me, no and never doesn’t apply to me!” Repeat this phrase
every day, standing in front of a mirror! Confess your love to every little piece of your
body! You have no idea what gratitude is it to you to answer! How fast will begin to change in the best