Anfisa Chekhov takes away the child from her ex-husband

Анфиса Чехова увозит ребенка от бывшего мужа
The TV presenter and her son moved in Sochi.

Photo: Instagram

Anfisa Chekhova and Guram bablishvili stunned the public by telling about his divorce. Less than a year ago they were considered a model family, but all was not as rosy as the pictures on Instagram. It turned out that the actor cheated on his wife. And Anfisa said that they were constantly fighting over small things. The time has come when they have not been able to go through life hand in hand, and the couple decided to part forever.

No matter what Anfisa said that they parted Guram friends. When she has to leave Moscow for work, Guram all this time staying in her apartment with their son Solomon. But the departure of Anfisa absolutely does not fit into this concept of universal friendship.

Chekhov said that going for a few months to go to work in Sochi. Son Solika she’s taking, and it means that Bablishvili will see my son even less than now.

Anfisa now with the help of friends and your own fans are trying to find in Sochi everything you need for a comfortable life: the best kindergarten, the pediatrician checked, a good beauty salon, car rental with driver for trips around town and stuff.