Анфиса Чехова пострадала на отдыхе в Греции
The actress was given first aid.

Anfisa Chekhova

Photo: @achekhova (Instagram Anfisa Chekhova)

Anfisa Chekhov recently landed in Greece, where she will spend the beginning of the vacation. In the first days of stay in Crete, the star needed medical help. Anfisa said that got heat stroke due to the fact that for too long sunbathing in the scorching sun.

“What a day today was. I’ve been lying in the sun, got heat stroke, — said Chekhov. But the hotel besieged me with ice from all sides and I feel a little relieved. Now we are going to visit. Dear the sun, be graciously to me, not “sharash” me so hard in the head!”

Anfisa asked to be careful, because health is at leisure to recover, not to harm it. Incidentally, it is believed that the “chocolate” tan provokes the rapid aging of the skin. And he has long been out of fashion. Many Hollywood stars especially avoid direct sunlight to preserve the natural skin tone.

By the way, Chekhov did not bring on vacation to Greece the son of Solomon. Just before leaving she got him to the elite camp town, where he spends time in the absence of a mother.