Anfisa Chekhov spent millions of rubles for weight loss

Анфиса Чехова потратила миллионы рублей на похудение
TV star responded to the accusations of greed.

Anfisa Chekhova

Photo: @achekhova (Instagram Anfisa Chekhova)

Anfisa Chekhov has recently opened its own online courses for weight loss. Postroynevshaya star now teaches other women how to once and for all get rid of extra pounds. Anfisa claims to have developed a technique that are willing to share, but of course for a fee. The price of course was for many wishing to emulate the success of Anfisa “unsustainable.”

Anfisa responded to the comments in the Network, because the cost of its secrets much “bite”. Chekhov admitted that the whole story of your weight loss it has spent millions of hard earned rubles. Using experience with different diaologue and coaches, she made up this course. So the price is not at all excessive, she says.

“In order to develop this system I spent 25 years of trial and error, and millions of rubles to various trainers, nutritionists and psychologists. To record this course requires a lot of teamwork. And all of this for you, to give you maximum value and results in the form of happiness, love for ourselves and slender figure.There is another important nuance. What is not invested, then don’t. I often give passes to the fitness centers, which I don’t. I didn’t pay for them. Therefore, all these records free on the Internet does not make people thin. We appreciate only what you have invested!” — responsibly says Anfisa.