Anfisa Chekhov sold his car

Анфиса Чехова продала любимую машину
The TV presenter was brought home in a limousine.

Anfisa Chekhova, Alexei Kulichkov

Anfisa Chekhov said goodbye to the personal vehicle that served her
faithfully for ten years.

“Yesterday I sold my 10-year old girl,
shared by the presenter. Cried, of course, in parting, but it was
without pain and all of these ads, the ad buyers are terribly afraid. All
because I sold the car through the company. Came, passed the car, drank
coffee looked like on the big screen hundreds of dealers are fighting a life and
death for my car, and at the end of the auction, I announced the final price
which quite coincided with my expectations! We have issued documents, and I
relief went to call a taxi… But there it was! I was told that
buyers in this company now offers the limousine that will take
me home, well, or shopping, spend the Moolah machine. But in the limo I was waiting for my old
friend Alex Kulichkov, which is remembering the old days when he was leading the quiz
“Taxi”, asked me in an intellectual game with him to play
the road. I, of course, lost, ruined on the question: “What color is milk
Hippo?” It was so
fun and energetic! In General, I’m just in awe of yesterday.”