Анфиса Чехова отчиталась перед поклонниками за бесконечные поездки по миру
The TV presenter was accused of carelessness.

Anfisa Chekhova

Anfisa Chekhov rarely see in Moscow: recently, TV presenter
returned from Greece, having been before that in Croatia, Turkey, China and Bali.
Now, being in Prague, the star decided to reveal all the cards of disgruntled fans.
They believe that she was “riding around” and don’t understand when Anfisa works, and how
she manages to live, without having to disassemble the suitcase.

“Subscribers worried that I was just a lot of rest when
am I working on? If not tired?
Friends, I understand that we are brought up on the theory that the work made from the APE
people that only heavy, exhausting labor can earn a living,
what kind of enjoyment of life, no one will pay that it is necessary to plow, to earn
tiny week off! says Chekhov. But friends, we are their thoughts
and beliefs limit their opportunities in life! We determine how
we want to live your life by outdated theories, or creating a new one.
You can make your hobby your job, you can live, have fun, and
effortlessly make money. It is possible to fly, to travel and to be provided
Nor karma, neither the circumstances nor our social and family ties do not limit
us, but only our thoughts and beliefs.”

Anfisa reminded subscribers that was born in
low-income family. Besides, she never had sponsors or rich
“This way, I not proud of, says
Chekhov. But the reality is that only the power of my beliefs, desires
and intentions made me who I am! And Yes, today, from 8 in the morning we jump on
the city, shooting photo and video for my personal brand of clothing. Try models
write: “Not tired to rest? When do you work?”