Anfisa Chekhov in the clothes were in the same bed with a woman

Анфиса Чехова в белье оказалась в одной кровати с женщиной The presenter promised to the subscribers to lay out the erotic photo session if their first picture with Natalie Lugovsky, her colleague on the project “a Balanced and happy people”, will gain a few thousand likes.

Anfisa Chekhov teaches people to get rid of extra pounds. It is involved in the project “a Balanced and happy people,” which helps participants to gain a dream body. In one of the posts in the microblog star posted a photo with Natalie Lugovsky. She wanted to prove to all women that each of them is unique, and also explain that you should not be ashamed of their forms.

“Posing half-naked next to Miss Olympia, whose body was found the best in all international competitions, with the girl hard work to create yourself perfect figure, to decide not every, because, unlike my friend, I don’t put so much effort into building my body!

But I am convinced that every girl who is in touch with himself and his body, which he learned to listen, to support, to care for him who took full responsibility for it, which appreciates and respects not only its advantages but also disadvantages, which does not exhaust itself in useless criticism, and praise for any, even the smallest of achievements, and so, each girl is beautiful! And can proudly wear my imperfect but no less beautiful body!” – said Anfisa.

The gathered hundreds of likes and enthusiastic comments, so the star has pleased fans of the whole series of frames. Anfisa and Natalie wearing matching sets of Lacy underwear.

Netizens were delighted with a harmonious composition. “Impossible to put down. And what passion is raging”, “I Really want to like you but when I stand before the mirror without clothes. It’s very hard”, “In our society we are all tired of imposed stereotypes, we are all different and will continue to remain so!” – discussed thought Chekhova subscribers.

Lugovsky supported friend. “These bold photos in lingerie we wanted to show everyone that the beautiful, feminine and sexy figure can be quite different! Each of us has a beauty inside, and if we see it in yourself, you’ll see her and everyone else outside!” added Natalie.

Lugovsky engaged in the planning of a personal training and nutrition for people who suffer due to the imperfections of their figures.