Анфиса Чехова: «Я — не идеальная мать, и это нормально!»
The presenter challenged the “mommy-bloggers”.

Anfisa Chekhov with her son Solikom

Photo: Instagram

Anfisa Chekhova, which has always explicitly expressed his
thoughts and clearly argued point of view, honestly told, why considers
posts young mothers in the Network outright lies.

“Don’t believe the mommy-bloggers who put
day cloud processing with children, and informative text, and
this assure that all of your time on the children and no one helps them! —
says the presenter, who is now resting with his son Solomon in Turkey. — When
they still in the press a perfect swing, the work is hard work and every
day in perfect makeup, hair and dressed to the nines. I do not believe that their
the children are not deprived of their attention: bullshit! When you have the whole day to Tinker with
child, but still work and don’t forget to care for yourself, time to
beautiful posts and long texts at all. They fool us and make
to feel a sense of inferiority.

I wrote all of this because happily fused
Solika in the mini-club, and I had time to have lunch and write a post. Say
honestly, I’m not a perfect mother, and that’s okay! Don’t let anyone convince you
guilt: perfect mothers do not exist in nature. The important thing is that we can
to give our children, it is psychologically healthy, not twitched, happy
adequate mother, full of unconditional love for her child!”

By the way, Solomon, who in a week will be 6
years, grows no less thoughtful than his mother.

“My little philosopher! — smiles Again. — That no
the day, another occasion for reflection. Yesterday: “what if I die and more
never you and dad don’t see?” Today: “what if we move out of our
apartments, and never will live here?” and “what if I Wake up and you’re
no? You’re not too long left to live! I don’t know what tomorrow
his head was coming?”