Anfisa Chekhov has spoken out about her cheating husband

Анфиса Чехова высказалась о своих изменах мужу
TV presenter commented on the breakup with Guram Bablishvili.

Anfisa Chekhova and Guram bablishvili


Anfisa Chekhova eve finally answered many fans questions about family life. The last couple of months in secular circles there are persistent rumors about the breakup of a movie star with her husband Guram Bablishvili. Anfisa, not just calling on fans not to “meddle” in her personal life, avoided questions on this topic. But on the eve of the patience of a star burst, and she has published a detailed response to the gossip.

According to Anfisa, the reason why she is not resting in the moment with her husband and son in Georgia, is her love of the comfortable living conditions. Chekhova don’t like life in the village, so she spent the summer in separation with her husband. The son of the artist Solomon of the summer spent with her in Italy, while the other half went with dad to the village.

“Salico I’m very bored, but he is well in the fresh mountain air in a Georgian village, where every day a bunch of boys entertainment and organic food. I love the comfort of country life to me is difficult. But Solik love it. Relax I’m not tired! Travel for me is the most favorite hobby. And all my life I sought to earn enough to have the opportunity to spend less time at one place. So, returning from a trip, I am already planning new”, — frankly said Anfisa.

Meanwhile, the rumors about the breakup with her husband “unleashed” hands insistent fans Chekhova: she began to receive suggestions about personal encounters with strangers. The star’s impulse of love in her men with humor, but the cheating has a clear position.

“Arsene, Tigran, Avtandil, Ali, Marat and other Garnier boys, answer your questions direct: “Can you spend the night with me, to blow, to pomazat, polosaty?” You can! In your dreams. There I will come to you in your most beautiful lingerie and make everyone happy. But in real life, alas, I am given to another and will never leave him!” — admitted Anfisa.