Anfisa Chekhov has responded to rumors of divorce

Анфиса Чехова ответила на слухи о разводе The presenter shared a family photograph. For a long time Anfisa Chekhov tried to avoid direct answers to questions about the separation with her husband Guram Bablishvili. Fans were able to make conclusions after the publication of a new celebrity.

For several months there have been rumors that the famous TV presenter Anfisa Chekhov has split up with her husband. In the summer she goes to rest in different countries while her son and husband spent time in Georgia, the home of Guram Bablishvili. Fans for a long time could not understand what is happening in the family celebrity, and she Again did not give specific answers. However, the long absence of any photographs of confused fans.

After a long time, Chekhov still pleased subscribers with the photograph her entire family. Frame Anfisa, spouse and their child look completely happy after a long separation. “Group “Curls”, signed funny photo presenter.

Also, there are rumors that Anfisa was contact the law office of Cathy Gordon.

“I didn’t go to the office, Katie Gordon. I’m getting a divorce”, – said Chekhov “StarHit”.

Fans were very happy that Anfisa thus rebuffed all the detractors who hinted at the discord in her family. They found that between spouses reigns idyll, but some haters just made sudden insights because of the lack of photos.

“Well, finally all the fans of you raise with the husband shut up and will say: where is the husband”, “Very beautiful couple. Happiness and health to you!”, “It’s nice to see you together! Anfisa, take care of your Union! The best still can not find”, “Finally, all of you were so worried. You are a very beautiful family. And hope you are together”, “How cool! Such a temperamental man. You’re in luck! The whole radiates. Cherish it! There is not enough real,” wrote netizens.

Anfisa told me that not long ago she wrote various men dream to attract her attention. They wanted a fun TV presenter, tried to engage in conversation, however, celebrity did not reciprocate and told the contenders for her heart, that she was married. Anfisa Chekhova attributed the novel with Dmitry Borisov

“In direct or in Facebook write me men, mostly foreigners and different brunettes with current and former social. republics. Write: “Hello”. Or get-to-know or send emoticons. What these men expect? I keep silence so that I’m a girl married, the photo may not understand…” – said in a microblog Chekhov.