Anfisa Chekhov has overcome children’s fears

The presenter told how he almost died in childhood.

Anfisa Chekhov returned to Moscow after several months spent in Sochi on the shooting of the “Balanced people”. This “wintering” in southern capital of Russia gave a lot of things Anfisa that after the divorce, started a new life. In particular, it coped with the extra weight, and learned to accept myself, and even overcame some of his fears. The presenter told us about the terrible situation in which she got many years ago.

“In my childhood, my parents and a friend went camping — told Chekhov. In the afternoon, when parents lay down to rest, my friend and I went for a walk in the woods and on a dare I agreed to go on a log that lay across the marsh. I lost my balance and fell in the vile, viscous bog. From fear I even forgot the name of my mother, and my friend didn’t know how to call her name. That day, of course, I pulled out of the swamp, but the fear of suspension designs have remained with me for life! But fears need to be eradicated! They have insane destructive power. And not only consciousness collapses, but also on the physical level, fear eats us from the inside. Levies this fear, I felt such incredible relief! As if to light some kind of abscess, and the pus came out. Sorry for not too aesthetic comparison, but otherwise will not tell!”

To cope with this fear Anfisa also decided in Sochi, the benefit of any suspended structures, including dilapidated, there is enough. Some of followers on social networks, however, protested that “insurance is not considered.” But Chekhov said: “the Brain is hard to convince that you have insurance. Moreover, it is weak tight and you don’t feel”. Anyway, Anfisa helped this way.