Anfisa Chekhov has lost money because of his weakness

Анфиса Чехова лишилась денег из-за своей слабости

Anfisa Chekhova, like most women, has a special weakness for such intimate items of clothing, like underwear.

Many of us are able to control themselves at the sight of the beautiful sets and never would agree to spend a fabulous sum, apeksi themselves on hunger strike. But the presenter turned out to be not so. Anfisa stands out from the crowd because it is better to give preference beautiful bra and panties, than to chase a loaf of bread.

“I don’t have time to write that I am a fan of beautiful lingerie. Very well my degree of love for underwear reveals the story of my dismissal from the CTC when I paid, required by law, three salaries, I spent most of my money down the drain on expensive underwear, and then sat without work and without money, but in pretty panty girls. So, now lingerie I love no less!” — shared with subscribers Anfisa in his Instagram.