Anfisa Chekhov has lost a friend

Анфиса Чехова потеряла подругу
A young girl died from cancer.

Анфиса Чехова потеряла подругу

Anfisa Chekhova

Photo: Instagram

Stella Baranovskaya

Photo: Instagram

In the life of Anfisa Chekhova was a terrible tragedy. It
actor friend Stella Baranovskaya, one raising a young son, went
of life, unable to cope with serious oncological disease — blood cancer.

“My beautiful little girl! — asked the presenter to Stella.
— She wanted to be loved, to make her understand… Wanted to go their own way and meet
it support! Which so many have fought and desperately believed in miracles. And in
people who have failed… Thank you for everything you taught me! Thank you
for the Love that gave! When the heart a lot, the words get stuck in my throat. Abuse
myself I didn’t have time last time to tell you that I love you. But you’re
you know, tithe! We with you necessarily shall meet! Until the next life
my dear girl! I’m sorry I couldn’t give what could be… Good
flight for you, my angel!”

Kate Gordon is also familiar with the deceased, shed light on
people who have failed Stella, remembering the father of her child. “Even in this
situation, he turned away from his young son. Helped her friends, she lived
in poverty — says Gordon. — Artem gave money to rent an apartment, Anfisa and Zara
helped as they could. And here and there person. There is a baby Dan with a dash in the
the graph paternity. And grandparents, the rich secular people to know about it
want! Painful, disgusting and insulting!”

It is also terrible that Baranovskaya, not known to a wide circle
viewers as an actress, became famous for miraculous healing from cancer. Stella
even accused collected money for the treatment she spent on a luxury
life, and cancer was never sick. Unfortunately, history turned out to be