Anfisa Chekhov has insulted Vladimir Pozner

Анфису Чехову оскорбил Владимир Познер
39-year-old presenter Anfisa Chekhova is actively engaged in his microblog on “Instagram”.

Анфису Чехову оскорбил Владимир Познер

Anfisa told his followers about his reaction to criticism.

Recently, according to Chekhova Vladimir Pozner spoke doubtful about her professionalism and talent.

The presenter of this statement insulted, especially made by the man.

And Posner she’s not personally familiar, and if he knew her personally, his opinion would be different.

“The path I went: to allow a person to make a mistake! To accept that he is not obliged to see you with the best hand, not obliged at all to delve deeper and get to know you not obliged to love, to admire and good to see you! He has the right to look at you with eyes and judge you through their own prism or filter. And his opinion does not detract from the properties of your unique personality!” – says Anfisa.

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