Anfisa Chekhov has explained why rapidly lose weight

Анфиса Чехова объяснила, почему стремительно худеет

The presenter complained of feeling unwell.

For several months fans of the stars with awe considering her photographs. Anfisa is rapidly losing weight! On the one hand, Chekhov looks amazing, and with another – it is tempting fans to the idea that health is beauty, all is not well. And assumptions were partly correct. Just yesterday Anfisa admitted that he was sick.

“The temperature is 38.5. But every disease has its advantages! Even with the disease don’t need to fight, we need to allow it to be… to be Treated – Yes! But not to fight. Disease need to love with all my heart and to hear what she wants to tell you. Sounds technical and confusing and probably incomprehensible. But now no strength to explain. All the better! If you really love yourself and understand!” – wrote Anfisa. And in a day delighted audiences with the message that it is better. Star even I did my yoga and again demonstrated the slender body.

However, the cold does not explain this lightning-fast weight loss. But really no supersecret from Anfisa no. As in the case of the disease being a little more elaborate, Chekhov just accept and love your extra weight, and she is closely monitoring the food.

“For example, I very much recovered after delivery, and have gained weight during pregnancy and lactation, – said Anfisa Woman’s Day. — At some point, I became afraid to look at the scales, even for me it was a big number. Since then, in three months lost 30 pounds. For me proper nutrition is an integrated approach: analysis, research, proven clinic, I’m really more to alternative medicine inclined, but they appeal only to professionals. So when people ask me how to lose weight, the answer is: “I don’t know you”. For one, the tomatoes are good, for another is strictly prohibited. Personally, I currently do almost nothing there, worsened certain health problems, so eat almost the same vegetables. But I used to not eat anything fried, except for the cheese, did not eat meat, flour, sweet. And do not dream day and night about the cake. Too well aware of its effects.”

Анфиса Чехова объяснила, почему стремительно худеет