Anfisa Chekhov has denied rumors of divorce

Анфиса Чехова опровергла слухи о разводе

TV presenter Anfisa Chekhova shared family photo which placed all points. Long time it was rumored that Chekhov broke off relations about her husband, as long as all summer she traveled to different countries, Guram bablishvili was at home in Georgia with his son.

Анфиса Чехова опровергла слухи о разводе

A long time instagram didn’t Anfisa pictures of the husband and it was even rumoured that the lead was contact the law office of Cathy Gordon. The girl did not give specific questions, but recently exhibited a picture which depicts the whole family. “Group “Curls”, signed Chekhov a photograph hugging and smiling happily Guram, Anfisa and their common son.

“I didn’t go to the office, Katie Gordon. I’m getting a divorce”, — said Chekhov’s edition of “StarHit”. Fans were very happy at this news. Now the fans can rest assured that the family of the presenter are all excellent, but some detractors have made conclusions only on the lack of pictures.

Анфиса Чехова опровергла слухи о разводе

It is not surprising that such rumors could appear, because Chekhova has a lot of fans. different men writing to her in social networks in order to draw its attention to himself. None of them reason to hope for a relationship she didn’t give and refused each time to fans, responding that she is married. “In direct or in Facebook write me men, mostly foreigners and different brunettes with current and former social. republics. Write: “Hello”. Or get-to-know or send emoticons. What these men expect? I keep silence so that I’m a girl married, the photo may not understand…” recognizes Chekhov.

Moreover, in the absence of photos, the presenter attributed the affair with the new host of “Let them talk” by Dmitry Borisov. The girl put up a photograph in which kisses man on the cheek. This caused the fans a great response. Some defended the leadership, saying that it is not necessary to draw conclusions on one photo. Moreover, Chekhov she admitted that he could divorce her husband at the very beginning.

“When we got married, not a day spent without Solika and by the end of the year, even thought about divorce. But as soon as the left son and the grandmothers flew to Miami, everything changed — remember Chekhov. — Need to go on dates! Man you need to impress a new style or a beautiful linen! You can play role-playing games – for example, to come to the meeting if you are not familiar. Then the romance in the relationship will not fade away”.