Anfisa Chekhov has congratulated her husband with a birthday after the rumors of their breakup

Анфиса Чехова поздравила мужа с днем рождения после слухов об их разрыве

The famous TV presenter, known for his sexy shapes, congratulated her husband’s birthday. Congratulations girl approached creatively and wrote it in the form of poems. Readers very moved by the efforts of the presenter to make a pleasant husband, but rumors of their breakup remain without confirmation.

Анфиса Чехова поздравила мужа с днем рождения после слухов об их разрыве

This summer, the network appeared the information that Anfisa Chekhov visited the Sunny land of Italy without her husband actor Guram Bablishvili. She went to relax in the company of a best friend that has generated a lot of rumors about their parting. She decided to leave the news without comment, and after a while turned to her with warm congratulations on the network instagram.

She put a professional photo with her husband, but the greeting could not honor the memory of her friend Stella Baranovskaya, who recently died of cancer. “It just so happens that now is the day of death of my friend and the birthday of my husband’s follow each other. That’s the paradox of fate… Like in the song Basta: “it Is the law of Samsara, we simply change places. The circulation of people”, – said Anfisa.

As Chekhov wrote poems, which to depth of soul was amazed of her lover.

“Happy birthday to you, dear man!
Whatever life you not shook,
I wish to always be true to yourself,
So the end was no worse than the beginning!

Let a friend betray,
The son respects!
Big wins are a string!
Let all will be as it does not happen!
And the wings grow behind your back!⠀

The blows of fate, take it as lessons
Love, breathe, and savor your success!
Let them be open to you all the way!
Is hot – happiness kui!”

Guram appreciated poetic greetings and left a comment under the entry. “Thank you, a unique individual. You gave me an angel – the best happiness in my life, opened your heart and shared with love. Learned a lot and enriched me with their world, without knowing it! Yes, we change places. But this is not the end, it doesn’t exist. And while we’re here, we need to love, to smile, to do good, don’t stop and enjoy life. On this planet Earth, live – I’ll always be there”, wrote a thank-you message for husband.

Anfisa Chekhova and Guram bablishvili began their relationship in 2015, and together have a son Solomon. Leading shared with readers his family life and admitted that with the baby, almost got divorced with her beloved. She encourages couples to go on romantic dates, because they maintain relationships. “If a couple devotes all their time to children, they cease to be a man and a woman. When we got married, not a day spent without Solika and by the end of the year, even thought about divorce. But as soon as the left son and the grandmothers flew to Miami, everything changed. Need to go on dates! Man you need to impress a new style or a beautiful linen! You can play role-playing games – for example, to come to the meeting if you are not familiar. Then the romance in the relationship will not fade away”.