Anfisa Chekhov has appeared in the centre of scandal insult overweight people

Анфиса Чехова оказалась в центре скандала с оскорблением полных людей The TV presenter has become the victim of fraud. Someone was sent from the person Chekhova angry letters to those who decided to lose weight on her program. Recently Anfisa actively helping people advice on how to get rid of excess weight.

In addition to participating in the show “Balanced people” on the channel STS Anfisa Chekhov has launched its own project entitled “Anthicini pohudeti”. For many years, a woman struggling with excess weight, and only recently she was able to achieve those forms that suit it. On the official website of his project star tells the story of how she suffered due to the fact that was larger than the other girls.

“I know whereof I speak, because at 16, I weighed 72 kilograms, while girls my age weighed 40-45. Finding this horrible reality, I was worried about how the pounds to lose. Especially since I was a girl, a teenager, and I really wanted to be slim and beautiful. Wish I ran the boys. And then 72 kilograms and insulting taunts, leading to tears. Over the years my pohudela, I developed my own system in which words such as “struggle,” “violence,” “prohibitions” and other negative expressions are not available. My system is through love, in pleasure,” – said on the website of the program.

Since the beginning of February many people signed up for her course. However, as it turned out, the programme is not as affordable as you think you want to lose weight. Many were surprised by this fact, so they began to ask Anfisa why the price of the underlying complex exceeds the minimum wage in the country. Some were in response to rude emails from staff who work with Chekhova on this project. In the acute form of the participants were advised to stop buying junk food, and spend these sums of money for the course.

Anfisa herself hastened to resolve the situation. She left the post in the microblog, in which he apologized to the people.

“Girls, who all received a nasty letter from my aides relative to training! Probably the corridor of the lunar Eclipse was eclipsed by someone’s mind, and people from our team on his own initiative, sent these strange emails. I am very upset that you got a portion of the negative, and she certainly never would so you never wrote! My partner and I apologize! All the guilty will be punished. And those girls, to whom this letter came, expect a nice gift,” said star.

However, some users still saddened by the incident. Course fees waited a long time for the first of the recommendations and videos. Anfisa solemnly promised that in the near future the system will work.