Anfisa Chekhov for the first time change the hairstyle

Анфиса Чехова впервые кардинально изменила прическу
The artist explained the changes in his appearance.

Anfisa Chekhova

Photo: @achekhova (Instagram Anfisa Chekhova)

The onset of summer has pushed Anfisa Chekhov to change your way. The presenter for the first time in a long time, decided to make a radical new hairstyle. To evaluate the transformation she asked her fans.

Thanks to the work of stylists, Anfisa now look like a mermaid: she increased the curls almost to her waist. This hairstyle Chekhov made his first. “I’ve waited so long for summer, when it came, I wanted something with a cast of extravagant, especially rest on the nose. And I mutated into a mermaid, with hair, really, to the navel. Long studied the Internet in search of the best salon for hair extensions and consulted with friends… the Hair building up the lightest, almost weightless. I asked for wavy, identical in structure to my what would the rest not to bother on the pilings. Drier and went! And due to the ease of this hair can build up a large volume without harming your hair!” — commented changes Anfisa.

By the way, this summer Chekhov decided for another experiment. TV star, seven years later, returned to classes at the bench. Again to wear Pointe shoes Anfisa made her phenomenal weight loss. Many fans loved her for curvy, by the way, was a little disappointed that it so much of postroila. She even attributed to anorexia, but the star assured that keeps your weight under control. “Friends, continue to write to me about what I became anorexic, lost identity, is made all the Reputable declare, the girl with the height 163 and weight 63-65 (it varies throughout the month) and a size 44-46 can not be considered anorexic! According to the current canons, I even still considered Plus size!” — recently reassured fans Anfisa.