Anfisa Chekhov explained why “launched” himself

Анфиса Чехова объяснила, почему «запустила» себя The TV presenter spoke about the period after birth of first child. Anfisa Chekhov admitted that he devoted himself entirely to the care of the baby. Now a celebrity completely happy with my appearance.

      Анфиса Чехова объяснила, почему «запустила» себя

      Almost all celebrities are very worried about their appearance and strive to always look perfect. They are willing to spend hours in beauty salons, to spend each day precious time on makeup and hair styling to make a good impression. And after the baby is born many moms eager to quickly gain a perfect figure.

      Popular presenter Anfisa Chekhov tries not to pay attention to the opinions of others, preferring instead to focus only on their own feelings and impressions of appearance. One of the main sex symbols of national television was not afraid to admit that childbirth completely changed her life, and for a while the worries about the kid she was so absorbed that she stopped time for yourself.

      “When I gave birth of Solik, for a time even “launched” himself and forgot that I am not only a mother but a woman, wife,” said Anfisa.

      I must say that the long-awaited the son Solomon was born nearly four years ago. Now the famous TV presenter admires their appearance fans. The main criterion of beauty for the presenter – her own reflection in the mirror, and according to her family. But to criticism from fans or detractors it is indifferent.

      “Ideally there are no parameters. If I suddenly cease to make my shape, then I begin to correct it. I can say that it happens very rarely. I’m happy with my weight, not looking for harmony. But if I like my body, why change? For the sake of public approval?” – says TV presenter.

      Moreover, He recognizes that any special beauty secrets she’s trying to watch your health, regular examinations, visiting beauty salons. But to resort to drastic measures and go on the operating table for the sake of beauty she is not ready wrinkles Anfisa don’t.

      “I’m terribly afraid of anesthesia, so at least today, for me under the ban of plastic surgery and any other procedures requiring anesthesia. I understand that youth doesn’t last forever and maybe one day I’ll have to lie down on the operating table, but it certainly will happen soon. I’m not ready yet”, – said Chekhov in an interview with portal


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