Anfisa Chekhov defended his son from the evil subscribers

Анфиса Чехова защитила сына от злых подписчиков

Frequent attacks from the followers are subjected to many Russian stars, in particular, Anastasia, Anna Khilkevich, Nastasya Samburski, Ksenia Sobchak and others. Now in this list you can add another star name.

Published under presenter Chekhova Chekhova video of her son Solomon to feast on the sweet, serious disputes broke out about whether the boy, besides the Georgians, to go with such a lush full head of hair.

Subscribers have accused Chekhov in negligence for the child. This attack on her star hated became and published furiously-an instructive post which illustrated video collage with famous men with long hair, among which Jared Leto, Steven Tyler, brad pitt, johnny Depp and others.

“”It’s a boy or a girl?” “Fuck, why the boy’s tail do?” “The boy need be trained to manners for men”, “Real life is not thought that the boy”, “Boy with a tail, what a tough!”, “It’s a boy or a girl? What the hell is that?”, “Why the boy is such a fucking hair? What would stand out?”, “The kid should be a kid. Man-man! Already got a Mama cablegui!” Not funny????? Man, dear resent my son’s haircut women, not something that defines him ON the head, and the fact that In his head! His actions, the principles of life, the ability to take responsibility,generosity, nobility, strength and courage! And the main thing that defines a man, it’s RESPECT for women, starting with the one that gave birth to it! Instead of having to actively monitor external masculinity other people’s boys, the boys try to convey a simple Men’s truth! That would not be such a huge amount of beaten someone, short-haired sons, women. Their estranged children and miserable mothers who don’t value their own very manly-looking son!” — said Anfisa with the message.




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