Анфиса Чехова пожаловалась на обезумевших фанатов
TV presenter admitted that he was tired of fame.

Anfisa Chekhova

Photo: @achekhova (Instagram Anfisa Chekhova)

Photoshoots, red carpet events, stunning outfits, signing autographs — the inherent attributes of the status of “celebrity”. However, few people think that fame has another side of the coin, not as nice as all of the above. Recently Anfisa Chekhov admitted that she is tired of persecution by fans who at times do not give it just to walk around the city or relax at your favorite restaurant.

“All I like in Odessa, but want peace and privacy. While a stay here is like an endless photo shoot… where I didn’t come… all of you. I want to be just a man who simply walks the streets without being recognized itself in their thoughts. I’m awfully tired of the publicity! I’m not counting on the understanding of the majority. I don’t even know why I complain to you… “Tired of fame” for most people, this sounds like a “pretentious trick Zvezdinka”… But, honestly, from the increased attention can also be tire… from what all of you always want something…that you just can’t be!” — said Anfisa. As it turned out, Chekhov is afraid to refuse communication to fans, in order to meet the criticism.

“Every time I politely, apologetically, deny pictures, I’m waiting for another message, somewhere in my comments: “I was disappointed in you! I didn’t think you were like that! Zazvezdilsya!” Friends, I’m just tired… tired from what little who sees me as just a man, ordinary for such a person, to my joy, renunciation, pain or sadness, fatigue, with a desire to live their lives and not be anything to anyone!” — she added. Anfisa asked fans to give her some rest and thanked them for their understanding.

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