Анфиса Чехова призналась, что сын ее поколачивает The presenter spoke about the difficult nature of their child. Solomon is jealous of the fact that the famous mom’s going to work or be without him. And yet the boy thinks that Anfisa would be nice to lose weight.
Анфиса Чехова призналась, что сын ее поколачивает

Anfisa Chekhov told how to regain strength after extended operation. Recently ended filming the show “a Balanced and happy people”, where she was leading. As admitted star, after the reality, she decided to relax in Bali. However, the heir presenter Solomon jealously reacted to the journey of the famous mother.

“The project was so heavy that I wanted to disconnect, and flew to Bali to live there, happily. And when I came back, the son of Solomon greeted me with a beating. Every time I break up with him for a long time, I wean. And needed a week to re-establish contact. Son at this time, naughty, banging me lightly. But the psychologist says that’s normal,” – said Chekhov.

Анфиса Чехова призналась, что сын ее поколачивает

Solomon, according to Anfisa, considers her “chubby”. The boy did not even hesitate to accuse Chekhov of the extra weight. “I try to convince that I am the Queen, and he begins to cry:”No, you’re chubby, chubby!”. Though if to torture him, he probably recognizes that I’m beautiful,” – said TV presenter.

Despite the reproaches of the son, Chekhov happy with their weight and shape. Anfisa admitted that she struggled with extra pounds. On the way to harmony it has tried many methods and diets.

“Since childhood I struggled with being overweight, but over the years it went. And in the end, even when weighed 90 pounds, hated myself. And today I weigh 62 kilos. However, my weight sometimes jumps. For example, I went for a couple of days in Georgia, the scale just jumped to the right,” admitted the star.

According to her, it is much more important than weight only health. The presenter closely, not only for their physical condition, but also tries to maintain inner harmony. “But food and how we are cared for, what sport do all of this impact,” said star.

According to presenter and artist after you lose the attitude of men has changed. “Previously, many I tried to clamp, to pinch, to say something squaretest or vulgarity. Now I’m with it don’t date men with me just interesting to talk to. And I love this state,” Chekhov confessed in an interview Dni.ru.