Андрей Ургант: «Был момент, когда алкоголь заменил семью» Actor and TV presenter took part in the documentary play “Sober”. The plot of the play is based on stories from real life. In the course of action of setting Andrey Urgant shares his own experience of addiction forever.
Андрей Ургант: «Был момент, когда алкоголь заменил семью»

Famous actor Andrey Urgant together with his colleagues presented the premiere of “Sober” – the first Russian documentary-clown performance about overcoming alcohol addiction. Along with the artist in the production of theatrical Association “the Comedian-Trust” are other well-known personalities – the famous artist Dmitry “mitiok” Shahin, as well as the legendary soloist of group “Auktyon” Oleg Garkusha. The format of the play allowed them to tell their stories about the struggle with addiction.

The plot of the play Andrey Urgant plays the radio program “Sober conversation”, to which listeners call and tell about his addiction.

“You know what this year from alcohol more people have died than in the previous 100 years? I turned to alcohol a few years ago and never regretted,” says the actor at some point.
Андрей Ургант: «Был момент, когда алкоголь заменил семью»

In their monologues, admitted that there was a period when he drank heavily. However, unlike many colleagues, who then suffered from a hangover, the artist just got better! In recognition of Andrey Lvovich, at some point he realized that I need to finish this, because there may come a point of no return.

“I delirium tremens never drink, but have drunk, that I was already not interested no girl, no friends, just nothing. I have come to a point when I vodka was more interesting than the meaning of my life, that is, with art and family! When comes the point when alcohol becomes the meaning of life?” – philosophically said Urgant.

The reasoning of the main characters are interspersed with musical numbers of famous theatre company “Comic-Trust” headed by Natalia Fisson. Her team talks about the severe dependence eccentric clown language and sense of humor.

Part of the money from ticket sales will go to support the “House of Hope on the hill” (rehabilitation centre for alcoholics), the Trustees of which include Urgant, Shahin and Garkusha. The organizers also plan to go with the production on tour on cities of Russia.

By the way, on 28 November, Andrey Urgant celebrated his birthday. The actor and presenter has turned 61. Early in the morning the man began to congratulate relatives and friends. The actor met an important date on the stage: he played in the play “- some piece of YOU”.

Андрей Ургант: «Был момент, когда алкоголь заменил семью»