Andrey Urgant spoke about the breakup with his young wife

Андрей Ургант высказался о расставании с молодой супругой Not so long ago in the press appeared information about the fact that well-known actor and TV presenter allegedly living separately from his wife Elena Romanova. Andrey Urgant has not confirmed this information and made it clear he did not intend to share the details of their relationship with the beloved.
Андрей Ургант высказался о расставании с молодой супругой

Not so long ago in a press there was an information that Andrey Urgant allegedly has problems in relations with his young wife Elena Romanova, with whom he lives together for several years now. It was alleged that the movie star and the theater parted with the beloved. According to journalists, Mr Danilenko lives in St. Petersburg apartment, and Elena settled in the country. The rumors arose after the artist appeared at the funeral of the mother of actress Anna Nazarova not with his wife, and the strange girl.

“StarHit” contacted Andrei Urgant to know how truthful information about his relationship with his wife. The actor has not confirmed these conjectures, having let know that is not going to discuss their family life. On the question of whether he left with his wife, Andrew l replied in the negative.

“No, of course… I don’t participate in the newspaper discussions,” – said the artist “StarHit”.
Андрей Ургант высказался о расставании с молодой супругой

Earlier in his interview with Andrey Urgant shared that the age difference does not interfere with his relationship with his wife Elena Romanova. The actor said that their Outlook on life largely coincided. Interestingly, familiarity Romanova and Urgant took place on the set of “Big wash”. Then Elena was pretending to be a lady era Natalia Goncharova. The girl was dressed in period costume and did her hair, which was in Vogue at the time. Later, Romanova remembered that came in this form to the Urgant. Between them struck up a conversation. Andrei Lvovich has any sympathy for the well-read fan. Then Romanov began to attend performances with participation of stars of theatre and cinema.

Romance between Andrei Urgant and a student at the University of art and culture began after the actor came to her Institute lecture. After a while Romanov moved into the apartment of the actor, is located on Foundry Avenue. In an interview Andrei Lvovich said that does not restrict the freedom of his young wife. According to star cinema and theatre, he tries not to disturb Helen, but rather prefers to help her. As for overseas travel, as told Urgant, they often go travelling together.

We will remind that last year the famous actor celebrated his anniversary. Artist is 60 years old. On the eve of the birthday of the actor starred in the program “Evening Urgant” and then noted relevant date together with his mother Nina Nikolaevna Urgant.