Andrey Urgant got for my son in the scandal

Андрей Ургант ввязался ради сына в громкий скандал
How will the confrontation between Urgant and Soloviev?

Андрей Ургант ввязался ради сына в громкий скандал

Vladimir Solovyov


Ivan Urgant

Ivan Urgant and Vladimir Solovyov recently staged a verbal argument. It all started with jokes Urgant on air of the evening shows that the “Nightingale droppings” is a perfect name for a new transmission on TV channel Russia-1. Vladimir took the statement personally and was offended, and then bluntly replied Ivan. Urgant has not struck a “retaliation” to Vladimir, but it has stood the Pope.

“Ivan is my son, and I think the public understands this — quoted Andrei Urgant FAN. And so I want to make it understand: this is a very delicate relationship. I in all cases take the side of Ivan, even without delving into the issue. And if Ivan will attack and expose it to the obstruction, I’ll still be on his side for one simple reason — he’s my son. And then we will understand ourselves — who is right, who is wrong, who and what is not said… But first — this is my son, so I’m still on his side!”