Andrey Sokolov made a brutal repair in a country house

Андрей Соколов сделал брутальный ремонт в загородном доме The actor has booked a cottage in the suburbs in the style of North American country. Luxury trim in the home of Andrei Sokolov was a gift for the celebrity of the program “a Perfect repair” of the First channel. Uncomfortable loft turned into a stylish living room, where he will make many friends.
Андрей Соколов сделал брутальный ремонт в загородном доме

Famous actor Andrei Sokolov, who in August this year will be 55 years old, passionately fond of hunting, and therefore the country house he uses as a hunting Lodge.

The room on the second floor waiting for a long time arrangement. Realizing that any difficult task he alone can not cope, Andrei Sokolov, has enlisted the help of the program “a Perfect repair”. The wish for designers, the actor has made only one. “I ask you to keep in the attic hunting context,” said the landlord.

The authors of the project decided to build on this very idea. Andrey Sokolov loves hunting and camping with friends and family. In his suburban house often are company, friends to stay the night. So the room decided to fill ergonomics and functionality “on all occasions” and also a special mood of a hunting Lodge, adding elements relating to the style of the Chalet.

The dominant shades were chosen to light. For the walls of the wizard chose British interior paint water-based. For floor – semi-gloss paint chocolate brown.

Part of an existing wood trim was retained and painted in the overall background tone. Beams inked dark hazel color, they were the main accent elements. The column in the middle of the room was decorated with artificial stone. In the attic, created a cozy Seating area with two sofas, next to them put a coffee table in a forest stump.

Sconces on the wall made in the industrial style. The room had an electric fireplace, designed in the form of cast-iron stoves. It is compact, but can heat a larger area instantly.

Items to decorate the room of the authors of the project picked up very organic. Light walls dilutes green textiles on the Windows, a soft rug, the goat skin on the wall. The new interior is logically combined with dark furniture and bright decorations, the spirit of brutality, and the comfort of home, men’s rigor and a wicker basket with lavender.

The actor, who was invited to take the job masters, at first thought he was wrong, so transformed the attic after construction.

“Well, that will settle in the proposed new circumstances! – said Andrey Sokolov – There is one drawback. The whole house wants to make in this style. Or not to get out of here. A big thank you to everyone who worked on the project. What I saw exceeded all my expectations!”