Андрей Разин раскрыл правду о заоблачных требованиях Юрия Шатунова Recently in mass media there was information that ex-soloist of popular group “Tender may” suffer stellar disease. Journalists published the rider of Yuri Shatunova, which had a lot of inflated claims. Producer Andrey Razin has shed light on the speculation of the public.

Yuri Shatunov took part in the recording of the new year’s broadcast on the First channel. The former soloist of group “Tender may” was chosen by voting in social networks. Some time ago in the press appeared information that the crankset has put forward high requirements to TV producers. It was alleged that the actor, who lives in Germany, allegedly requested a flight in the business class, room with a view of the Kremlin, and exit the stage demanded a fee comparable to the earnings of Philip Kirkorov.

Producer group “Tender may” Andrey Razin has reviewed publications in the media, and hastened to uncover the truth about Ryder SW. Figure of show-business has denied the rumors, which received publicity in the Network. According to Razin, these data are distributed spiteful critics.

“All that is written in the media about the performance of the Jura Shatunova new year’s eve on the First channel, the lies and the intrigues of envious! No hotel he did not order, as it has in Moscow own luxury apartment, gifted by the former mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov for his gratitude! Jurassic flight to Moscow was paid by a radio station, for what they are too, thank you,” said the producer.

In addition, Razin negatively expressed in the address of Olga Buzova. According to the producer, television personality and aspiring singer allegedly gave an interview in which he mentioned Yuri Shatunova. Figure of show-business were dissatisfied with the phrases girls.

“I was most indignant interview Buzova, in which she said that Yura sings to the sound recording made thirty years ago. I want to refer to this pseudodevice, which is the brains of the thread holding the two ear – emotionally reacted Razin. Yura flew to Moscow in order to fulfill his new song no one has heard before! Do not succumb to provocations, not envious sleep!” – said Razin.

Recall that for more than 15 years, the former soloist of group “Tender may” Yuri Shatunov lives between the two countries – Russia and Germany. According to the artist, his family has a tradition. The connecting rod trying not to run in the New year and spend this holiday with family and friends. Like many Russians, Yuri put on the table and watching TV together with his wife Svetlana.

In one interview, the singer also said that his children – eleven-year-old Denise and four-year-old Estella is aware of her father’s profession, but not yet. Connecting rod believes in the family just one artist.