Andrey Razin has discovered the truth about sudden death of son

Андрей Разин раскрыл правду о внезапной кончине сына The producer has placed on the personal page in social network help from doctors. The document stated that his heir had a viral respiratory infection. Complications of the disease affected the heart of Sasha Razin. Followers of Andrew wonder, how could the medics ahead of time to discharge the child.

      Андрей Разин раскрыл правду о внезапной кончине сына

      Producer of “Tender may” Andrey Razin has published on his page in Instagram the report, which was issued after the examination of your son Alexander. 16-year-old boy died on March 10 due to heart failure. He became ill while walking in the center of Moscow. A few days before that the heir to Razin had a viral respiratory infection that caused complications. However, the doctors decided that the baby is healthy, and sent him to school. Razin affected to the negligence of doctors.

       16-year-old son of Andrei Razin died

      “This disease has led to acute myocarditis (instantaneous stopping of the heart) was the death of my son” – briefly commented on the help Andrew.

      It is noteworthy that the document was signed on the sixth of March, and four days later, Alexander had been gone. The negligence of the doctors and the experiences of the father struck a chord with his fans. In a few hours, the publication has collected dozens of comments.

      “Andrew, hold on. Praying for you and son!”, “What a nightmare. Let him rest in peace for Sasha and Andrei, forces you to live through this loss”, “I’m Very sorry,” wrote the social network users.

      We will remind that Andrey Razin lost his son on March 10, 2017. 16-year-old Alexander suddenly felt ill while walking with his girlfriend. Passers-by rushed to his aid. Among them was the doctor who tried to start the boy’s heart. In a few minutes the ambulance arrived and the boy was hospitalized. As it became known later, in the hospital of the child of the producer brought in a state of clinical death. The doctors were unable to save his life.

      The doctors concluded that the death was due to heart failure. Friends and acquaintances Sasha was shocked, because he never complained of feeling unwell.

      The teenager was buried on March 14 at the cemetery Troekurov. A month later Andrey Razin has announced that they will create a Museum named after his son. There will be exhibited the work of Alexander, who was very good at drawing. His last work was a painting entitled “London”.