Andrey Myagkov told why he has no children

Андрей Мягков рассказал, почему у него нет детей On the anniversary of a loved by millions artist the First channel showed a new documentary about him. Andrey Myagkov sincerely and calmly told the family secrets, for example, frankly explained why in his long and happy marriage with actress Anastasiya Voznesenskaya never had children.
Андрей Мягков рассказал, почему у него нет детей

On 8 July, the day of love and loyalty, Andrew Myagkova was 80 years old. The actor, who loves the whole country for he created unique images in the film “Irony of fate or with light steam”, “Office romance”, “Garage” a”, “a Cruel romance”, the example is not only high professionalism, but also a sample of nepotism.

Soft – monogamous, for many years a devotee of a woman, his wife, actress Anastasia ascension. They married in 1963 and since then has never given cause for rumors and gossip. But the children in this loving family drama never happened.

Before the quality of ascension and avoided conversation on a sick topic. But now in a documentary of the First channel “Andrey Myagkov. Measuring the silence” talk about this calmly. The couple admit that the main reason for their childlessness is the work that they dedicated their entire life.

“Its not happened to be because of a profession. Own life involuntarily leaves on the second plan, you think less”, –says Andrey Myagkov.
Андрей Мягков рассказал, почему у него нет детей

His wife explains the situation. “We didn’t have life outside the theatre and without theatre. We would of course, but obviously not to the extent where people want and have. To say that it somehow traumatized I can’t because I don’t know another life, I have nothing to compare,” said Anastasiya Voznesenskaya.

Myagkov and the ascension met at the school-Studio MXAT. He was 23, she was 17. Going into the first day in the audience, Andrew immediately saw the girl with wide-set eyes. Nearby stood other classmate and chiseled Irina Miroshnichenko, and charming Vera Alentova, but the measure didn’t notice much. Now, remembering the first meeting, the actor says it was love at first sight, one, the only, for life. “No friendship, no courtship. I saw it and realized, the other can not be”, – says Andrey Myagkov.

Андрей Мягков рассказал, почему у него нет детей

Office romance Andrey Myagkov was really happy. The couple always around each other supported. When Anastasia Voznesenskaya was invited to the troupe “Contemporary”, she put a condition Oleg Efremov – only with her husband. Then soft in each scenario, he sought a role for his wife. Thus, a bright image of market Director in the film “Garage”.

They were ready for more. Ten years ago Myagkov was having heart problems, needed an expensive operation. Anastasia Valentinovna lifted up all of Moscow, found students abroad, phoned officials and made to Andrey Vasilievich was operated on in Germany.

A few years Myagkov left the theater, I stopped playing to care for his wife. Andrey and Anastasiya Valentinovna now most of the year hold for the city. They rarely communicate with colleagues, almost never with journalists, but I assure you – “we are fine”.