Андрей Мерзликин переживает за отца
Popular actor Andrey Merzlikin has shared with fans the bad news.

Андрей Мерзликин переживает за отца

His dad unsuccessful falling, received a hip fracture.

This injury is very dangerous in old age, but Andrew was able to find a good specialist who is willing to operate on joint his father.

“The most difficult is to relate humbly to trials and say a grateful word. Thank God for everything! My dad broke his hip. Second time in my life. In the same place. Not so long ago, it was a fatal diagnosis. Now doctors have learned to save the people caught in this difficult situation! The surgery went. The doctor said: “Success.” Father in Moscow. We are far away. But the important words “Thank God for all the” we can recite a prayer or with the help of modern phone capabilities. And support each other!” – said Merzlikin.

Let’s wish that nothing happened, and the dad of the actor a quick recovery.

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