Andrey Martynov is afraid to repeat the fate of Armen Dzhigarkhanyan

Андрей Мартынов боится повторить судьбу Армена Джигарханяна The actor became the hero of the program “the Destiny of man” on TV channel “Russia 1”. Mr Kostin told about why I broke up with one wife after divorce could not create a new family. The artist also admitted that his apartment in the city center expect many of the fair sex.
Андрей Мартынов боится повторить судьбу Армена Джигарханяна

People’s love for Andrey Leonidovich Martynov came after starring in the film “the dawns here are quiet”, followed by work in the films “Battle for Moscow”, “Eternal call”… within a few years, Martynov became the winner of many awards and titles. The national actor admitted that many of his colleagues envied him. However, the Soviets favored Andrey Leonidovich and generously provided the property in the capital.

People’s artist of Russia was married only once. In 1972, at the 22nd Berlin international film festival, he met a German citizen by Francisca Tun. After a year of Dating the couple were married. In the Union of the lovers had a son, Alexander.

“We met in Germany but she studied at the Moscow Institute. Spoke perfect Russian. She is a smart, talented, I “killed” conquered”, – said Kostin.
Андрей Мартынов боится повторить судьбу Армена Джигарханяна

Mr Kostin told that Francis is without a doubt moved him to Moscow, leaving Germany to parents and friends. “We, so to speak, agreed. I my profession can’t quit, of course, she had to move”, – said people’s artist.
When the son grew up, Martynov with his wife decided to send Alexander to study in Germany. In recognition of the actor, in Russia began a hard time abroad he could get a great education and nothing to need. “The son went to study in Germany. She went with him. I went to them mostly,” – said Martynov.
However, the relationship between husband and wife gradually fell apart. In Germany, Francis met another man, and Andrew Kostin, in his turn, also tried to create a new family at home, but the relationship did not work. It is worth noting that Martin is officially divorced by Francisca only last year. However, the actor admitted that he was proud of the sole heir of Alexander, the son kept the surname of his famous father.

Андрей Мартынов боится повторить судьбу Армена Джигарханяна“And now I have five Martynovs! This is my son and grandchildren! I have to say, implemented in the heart of Europe five Martynov. Sasha works as a costume designer. They live in a beautiful home near Berlin. There flowers grow around the lake,” shared Andrey Leonidovich.

Today Andrey Leonidovich lives alone in a spacious apartment in the center of Moscow. In the past year, gone from the life of middle brother national artist, Martynov took seriously the loss. The actor admitted that he is not planning to make new relationships, and to young women and is treated with caution.

“This is a mockery! This is to find a nurse, on the other hand, the cook that you were cared for. It’s just podonstvo on my part. And they agree! And the whole place will be. Because I have in the center of the apartment, wonderful, with view of the White house. So there lined up for me. And I do not know, you will survive until next year after this power reinforced. I generally try to limit myself in food,” – said Martynov.
Андрей Мартынов боится повторить судьбу Армена Джигарханяна

Presenter Boris korchevnikov advised the artist to be careful. “You be careful. Now many of these girls freed” – ironically he said. But Mr Kostin said in response that after discharge from the hospital with him there was an unpleasant incident.

“I’m out of the hospital just came out, but I was already in the alley waited for the creature. Oh, the press!” – said Martynov.

Korchevnikov said 72-year-old artist: “I thought Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya!”.

“Here… You see everything and know yourself, Bob,” summed up the people’s artist.