Андрей Малахов уедет в Сочи ради новой работы
The showman will be a presenter at the festival “New wave”.

Andrey Malakhov


Andrey Malakhov will become a leading music festival “New
Wave” broadcast which will be held on the channel “Russia-1”. For new work on “Russia,”
Andrew will appear again in the competition, where was thirteen years old. The last time he
led concerts in 2004.

The name of the co-host, as well as information about what kind of
seven musical evenings will be led by the showman, the organizers kept secret. “New
wave” will be held from 8 to 14 September in the Olympic Park.

We will remind, now the Gorky film Studio ready to
record the first cycle of the program “live” on TV channel “Russia”, leading which
instead of Boris
Korchevnikov will be Andrew
Malakhov. Together with the showman is preparing to shoot and all the team
program “Let them talk”, which was quit with the First channel after his

This turn of events was predictable. Such
castling (First on the “Russia 1”) and was called the main reason for leaving
Malakhov. Version
maternity leave, which sounded Andrew, of course, a red herring.
When you need to say something, but can not speak the truth, then it could be
and the future of fatherhood.