Андрей Малахов нанес серьезный удар по репутации Дмитрия Борисова
Presenter humiliated his colleague.

Andrey Malakhov and Dmitry Borisov

A year Andrey Malakhov did not comment on the work of Dmitry Borisov, who replaced him at the post of the leading “Let them talk”. Transfer the stars of the “First channel” “Russia-1” has been widely discussed in the press. The experts were wondering whether Borisov to replace Malakhov and will news anchor work in the entertainment genre? Recently Malakhov gave an honest appraisal of the efforts of Borisov.

Andrew said that Dmitry had a chance to become a superstar, but he missed. In the past, according to Malakhov, has done nothing worthy. “Dima Borisov, a terrific newsman, a very talented young man, but it seems to me that for the year in Prime time, he could become a superstar whom everyone would like to see at corporate parties and events,” said Andrew.

Moreover, he accused Borisov and his team of plagiarism. “I have them (stories) to tell today, and tomorrow they will be in “Let them talk”. I’m the person who generously gives the reason for the ethers,” — said Malakhov.

Malakhov says that no talks with Borisov. And the reason lies not only in professional competition. He avoids meetings with Dmitry in real life. In order not to see his opponent, he even refused to visit your favorite gym, which dropped in Borisov.

“Let’s be honest, — said the “Rain” Malakhov. — I respect Dimitri, but I don’t look at the program “Let them talk” and do everything to not cross paths with Dmitry Borisov and even stopped to walk with him to the same gym…”