Андрей Малахов рассказал о разводе Тимати TV presenter and musician was surprised by the joint work. On the eve of microblogs Malakhov and Timothy appeared the videos with the Intro of the popular “Let them talk”. However, at first the men did not disclose all the secrets of their cooperation.

The TV host and chief editor of the project “StarHit” Andrey Malakhov intrigued subscribers a new video, promising that its full version will impress everyone. Mini-clip users of the social network were able to see the screensaver of the popular program of the First channel “Let speak”. The broadcast of this production, the audience sees a girl who tells how she threw the rapper Timati. In the Studio, also there is her mother who claims that her daughter applied considerable effort to the musician was happy, and he just walked away in an unknown direction.

Followers Malakhov and Timothy, on whose pages there are such announcements, bewildered. It turned out that the Creator of the record label Black Star decided to release a video featuring well-known TV presenter. At the disposal of “StarHit” was an exclusive video from the shoot. Timothy explains how he worked on the roller.

“This is more than a video. This is a short musical film,” said the rapper.

A team of several dozen people who filmed the song “Let me go”, previously recorded by Timati and Grigory Leps. The composition is considered a family drama, the members of which the clip was played by the rapper and striking brunette. A snippet of “Let them talk” is one of the parts of the new video Timati.

Андрей Малахов рассказал о разводе Тимати