Andrey Malakhov spoke about the release show, which was “dismissed”

Андрей Малахов высказался о выпуске шоу, после которого был «уволен»
Discussing the new reason for leaving the presenter with the First channel.

Andrey Malakhov


The dismissal of Andrei Malakhov from the First channel is still a cause for gossip. Although the TV presenter has long been explained to the fans why he decided to go to “second button”, the Network continues to receive a variety of rumors.

This some time ago, scammers have used. In social networks was started “duck”: “Andrey Malakhov fired because of the controversial release, which was not allowed on the air.” In the description of the plot of the program it was told about some “miracle cream” that will once and forever cure almost any ailment. Malakhov, of course, did not sign a promotional contract to promote this product. Virtual fraudsters illegally earn money on behalf of Andrew. He tries to stop the spread of this “fake” story, but so far he failed to do so.

“I have not used this, but people continue to believe it at all, some miraculous properties of the cream, which I got fired, or this software is not released — there’s a new version. And even my agent was doing what we removed 10 sites that were posted this information. But they appear again the next day” — quoted by Andrew News.

Surprisingly, many netizens believe this hearing and contribute to its spread. Fortunately, not believing or doubting much more. “I’m not sure Malakhov could get fired because of cream…” — write admirers of Andrew. The funny thing about this story is that the crooks worked over crazy version. The Network can even find a transcript of that very issue that Konstantin Ernst, the “not aired”.