Andrey Malakhov: “Sasha Himself changing diapers”

Андрей Малахов: «Сам меняю Саше подгузники» The first photo shoot after the birth of her son. Exclusive from the chief editor of “StarHit”.
Андрей Малахов: «Сам меняю Саше подгузники»

If in the beginning of this year someone told me that after a quarter century devoted to the “First channel”, I will find another TV registration! That will change a place of work, has long become part of my DNA, and the news about my transfer a few days will occupy the first line on the home page of Yandex and other search engines! At the end of the summer on the official website of the channel “Russia 1” will appear loud binding the title “In the program “live” a new era begins”! And then – how could I imagine the range and severity of problems to be faced, becoming more and producer of his own show?! But today in the daily whirlwind of esters, editorial staff meetings, and workshops, I know that is not standing still. I am moving forward. Albeit in small steps, sometimes even losing balance. And when my son Sasha, who will soon turn a month, will rise on legs and will make your first step, I will tell him that it is not necessary to be afraid of falls: people fall to learn to climb. And yet every day I watch as our “little column” is changing. So we called him, because after eating Saxony should definitely wear straight, otherwise you’ll vomit. From eleven to three nights of sleep he does not give us, my son is a typical boy problems – colic. And let the experts assert that in the first weeks of life the baby learns parents not visually, but only by smell and voice, I’m sure Sasha knows exactly who he has a beautiful and gentle aunt, who’s always there, and the stressed at work uncle, sometimes changing his diapers.

Андрей Малахов: «Сам меняю Саше подгузники»“Before our family became three, much to the wife surprised me, but what a wonderful mother is Natasha, I could not imagine! And the fact that his grandmother Tamara will buy all the baby clothes within the Garden ring, also did not expect”.

By the way, you know boys and girls there are different dolls-dolls? Here we are with his grandfather Victor, whose son is very similar, until recently, did not know. My mom enlightened us. And anyway, to go with this grandmother of Sasha to the toy store even the test. At first she is angry, why such a poor choice in the window labeled “0+” (bright products for babies older mom, teacher c forty years of experience, strongly not taken into account), then a half hour goes through different ducks, giraffes, fish, and elephants, explaining that routed me funny penguin, may be nothing, but the eyes should be much more. The highlight of the show “a toy for a newborn grandchild” comes at the cash register. “Tell me, where is this horse? – interested in Lyudmila and I heard that in China, strongly returns the selected item, telling me how dangerous plastic from this country for the health of babies. “Well, – sighs already in the car mom, I wanted to make a baby gift, now I have to go with empty hands.” And when I call and just slyly ask, did her grandson without the regular toys, laughs and proudly shares how today Sasha is her smile.

Photo: Dmitry Iskhakov, producer: Tamara shkuleva, style: Vadim Galaganov, Liliya Simonyan, make and grooming: Kristina Sizova/The Agent, the assistant photographer: Sergei Ermishin, assistants, stylists: Catherine Kassin, Roman Goryunov

On Heather: dress, Valentino; shoes, Christian Louboutin

Andrew: turtleneck, Paul Smith; pants Ermenegildo Zegna; shoes, Christian Louboutin