Андрей Малахов оседлал лебедя

Did you think under the jackets host the talk show “Let them talk” hiding such beauty? For the past several weeks, the TV presenter Andrey Malakhov dominates the minds of Internet users passionate and provocative photos.

Malakhov recently started his own microblog account on Instagram and was happy makes it a very interesting publication.

So, we have seen Malakhov in the shower, with roses in hand, on horseback. Now came the turn of a Swan. Yes, that’s right! Malakhov saddled Swan.

Андрей Малахов оседлал лебедя

Just please don’t be afraid to call the organization for the protection of animals. Swan turned out to be inflatable. But the less hot is not.

Subscribers TV presenter showered him with compliments and words of admiration: “Andrew,you’re the best!!!”, “A Prince on a white Swan”, “still sexy even duck. Waiting for more pictures!!!”, “What you are cool and positive))”, “What are you doing? Prodoljai))”, “What a man!” “Many would have wanted to be that Swan!”.

Андрей Малахов оседлал лебедя

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