Andrey Malakhov: “My son got his first documents»

Андрей Малахов: «Мой сын получил первые в своей жизни документы» The role of the special guest of this event I agreed instantly. The fact that my son had become a full-fledged citizen of Russia.
Андрей Малахов: «Мой сын получил первые в своей жизни документы»

On this occasion, my grandmother and Sasha Tamara went to the “Afimall city” on Presnenskaya embankment, where he opened Russia’s first flagship centre of public services. Of course, with us the quality and speed of work of the new institution were evaluated very picky judge, Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin, so it was especially clear. And a few minutes later, Alexander A. Malakhov got the registration at the place of residence, social security number, a temporary policy of compulsory health insurance (CHI), passport and even entry to kindergarten. Most fun if you happen to be in the MFC and without the mayor, there will be and chairs, and charging for mobile devices, and the waiting area for the youngest visitors. And most importantly – 170 public services, including the registration of vehicles, and no queue!

By the way, the basic rule working here young employees “the Customer is always right” is also not going anywhere. Can see for yourself.