Андрей Малахов прислушался к советам Анны Седоковой TV host and chief editor of the “StarHit” learns to use “the Instagram”. Not long ago, the singer Anna Sedokova published a set of rules that must be followed in order for the social network sites were popular. Andrey Malakhov has carefully studied the recommendations of the artist and tried to apply the knowledge gained in the experience.

      Just recently, fans of Andrey Malakhov there was a significant occasion for joy – TV presenter and chief editor of the “StarHit” registered in the popular social network “Instagram”. The news that he will now regularly share bright moments of your life, caused a storm of emotions among users. Needless to say how furious popular account of stars, if in a few days to subscribe hurried hundreds of thousands of people.

      Account Andrey Malakhov in Instagram gained immense popularity

      Now Andrey Malakhov will learn all the intricacies of use “of Instagram, and in this he hastened to help his famous colleague. For example, the permanent host of “Let them talk” decided to take the valuable advice of Anna Sedokova. The page of the singer quite popular, and for a long time the use of social network she was able to understand what makes people cherished to put likes and comment on posts. Moreover, the artist issued his observations in a set of rules, which can be useful to anyone who yearns to become a famous blogger. Today Andrey Malakhov has posted photos taken during the celebration and told everyone that tried to make post so that it meets all the requirements.

      “Good morning, social network! The Council No. 2 of Anna Sedokova I wiped the camera before you take pictures! Although she recommends not posting night shots ( tip # 3 – more color) here in the picture – the whole emphasis on Butera with caviar, which I took from the hands of a nutritionist Irina Pochitaeva and Fougeres with Petrus 1985…”

      Thus, the presenter made it clear, that despite the fact that registered on the social network only recently has he been aware of the latest developments on this popular site. Many began to leave comments with requests to post more photos from the rest, particularly with the beach. Ladies were under the impression from the video that Malakhov posted earlier from the shower. Record instantly attracted a huge number of likes, comments and repost, and now the public demands once again bestow its spectacular publication. “God, finally read the posts in Instagram” nice”, “Andrew, I’m waiting for your photos on the beach”, “Glad you are with us,” left rave reviews subscribers microblog chief editor of “StarHit”.

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