Andrey Malakhov launches YouTube channel

Андрей Малахов запускает YouTube-канал TV host and chief editor of the project “StarHit” continues triumphantly to conquer the social network. Andrey Malakhov has prepared a real surprise for all those who can not remain indifferent to the dramatic stories from real life. Now all Youtube users will be able to follow the latest developments on his channel malakhov007.

Presenter and chief editor of the project “StarHit” Andrey Malakhov continues to conquer the blogosphere. Daily life of a journalist is being followed by hundreds of thousands of people.

In the accounts of the presenter in social networks often appear in the materials from the shooting of the popular programs involving touching and occasionally poignant stories from the lives of real people. Recently you can learn more about the heroes, whose amazing and complicated story simply can not leave indifferent. Andrey Malakhov has prepared a real surprise for everyone who shares his point of view – a TV reporter launches a YouTube channel malakhov007.

At the site, which enjoys great popularity and daily expands its audience, will appear exclusive recording, not included in the broadcast transmission. Internet users will delve into the details, which usually remain behind the scenes, and perhaps in a new look not only on celebrities but also on other heroes programs that can open unexpectedly.

Thanks to the functions provided by the video service, all who watched videos on the channel Andrey Malakhov will be able to share your opinion in the comments and find like-minded people.

Let’s add that the leader actively engaged in “Twitter” and “Instagram”. In the first social network account Andrey Malakhov followed more than 700 thousand people, and the number of subscribers for his second microblog more than 1.2 million Internet users. By the way, the journalist joined the platform to share photos, in July last year. Prior to this Instagram regularly appeared fake accounts Malakhov, the authors deceived the public.