Андрей Малахов: «Меня все достали!» The presenter told the audience the business forum about how important it is to take another look at your application and take the first step towards change.
Андрей Малахов: «Меня все достали!»

TV host and chief editor of the project “StarHit” Andrey Malakhov became the speaker of the event Synergy Insight Forum. The journalist delivered a motivating lecture on “Transformation: how to change yourself and not change yourself.” In the course of his speech, she shared a personal experience.

Talking about how to take the first step to transformation and why it is needed, leading remembered on his retirement from the First channel. In August last year, Malakhov began work on “Russia 1”, succeeding Boris Korchevnikov. It was also announced the updated name of the program – “Andrey Malakhov. Live”.

“I got all the questions about why I switched from channel to channel that for intrigue, and if the program was about the magic cream, which was not allowed to go. My friends, it’s all nonsense. In the same way as the creams is the Internet. First of all Andrey Malakhov began to look for himself. He knew that he could do this talk show is 5-10 years in the same conditions and to come in “Ostankino” to the touch, because he knows every corner. But you had to put yourself in the uncomfortable frame. The only way you will be able to continue your personal growth and understand that you’re not dead yet,” – said the presenter.

However, Malakhov says his job was “one of the most interesting in the country.” According to the presenter, we have to deal with new people and stories. “I’m not an accountant, who sits with figures for many years. Honestly, if you want to grow, you need every few years to send myself on a path changes”, – said the journalist.

In addition, Andrey Malakhov wished the audience not to be afraid to change anything in your life. The presenter acknowledged that it is very difficult. “But when you realize that he did it and survived the stress, you will come to the conclusion that it is possible,” he said.

We will remind, leaving the First, Andrey Malakhov published in the journal “StarHit” and on the website StarHit.ru very touching and at the same time quite ironic letter. In it, he said goodbye to colleagues who are in difficult times, empathized with him, rejoiced to victories and were just messing around.

An open letter to Konstantin Ernst and all those with whom I am 25 years working on “the First channel”

Addressing their wishes Helen malyshevoy, Malakhov said:

“You were the person who first called rampage, refusing to believe what is happening. But it is necessary to develop you as a producer of his own program understand it better than others. And if along the way I gave you and a new air called “the First manifestation of the male menopause”, too bad. And if we continue to make jokes, understands me and another producer of his own show Ivan Urgant. Vanya, thank you for the numerous references to my person and raising the rating from that rather big part of the audience, which turns spinners”.

“Max, they all say that I repeat your television destiny,’ he wrote to his colleague Maxim Galkin. – I will say more, in adolescence I, a budding fan of Alla, also wanted to repeat and your personal destiny… And more. I didn’t comment on your recent video on the background of the castle, because if in the first place in this story was the money, my journey, as you can guess, would have happened nine years ago.”

At the end of his letter, TV presenter and chief editor addressed to “the main office “Ostankino”, the door is attached to the plate “10-01”.

“Dear Ernst! 45 years is an important milestone in the life of men, 25 of them I gave to you and to the First channel. These years have become part of my DNA, and I remember every minute that you have devoted me. Thank you so much for everything you did for the experience that gave it to me for an amazing journey in the television way of life, which we passed together.”