Андрей Малахов помог Кате Семеновой с ремонтом The presenter made the singer a pleasant surprise, which brought the actress to tears. Andrey Malakhov has presented to Katya Semenova such an unexpected and expensive gift that the singer took Valerian not to faint.
Андрей Малахов помог Кате Семеновой с ремонтом

The first of may in a live program “Hello, Andrew!” channel “Russia-1” have traditionally been a lot of surprises for the audience. But the pleasant surprise was waiting for not only visitors of Studio, but the star of heroes TV show.

Singer Katya Semenova to this day have raised no dawn to it as the correspondent of TV channel “Russia 1” took part in the demonstration on red square. The actress coped with her new role on “excellent”, as told in the Studio that evening. And despite the early rise, the singer not used to getting up at six in the morning, Semenova liked to work as a journalist and interviewing the demonstrators.

“I had a very pleasant time. At seven in the morning I was hanging out on an empty red square and nobody touched me, never stopped! First, of course, I stuck to people who were forced to come here may 1, but then I realized that many came on their own. Especially people of my generation,” – said Katya Semenova.
Андрей Малахов помог Кате Семеновой с ремонтом

Semenova became a bright newsmaker of the last year. Kate after 20 years of marriage divorced her husband and began to watch the TV. The audience noticed that the apartment of the singer, in which she has lived her whole life, have not been renovated and many are frankly old, almost dilapidated, pieces of furniture.

Андрей Малахов помог Кате Семеновой с ремонтом

Andrey Malakhov has corrected the situation. At a time when Semenov was illuminated processions in Moscow, in the house has made cosmetic repairs – pulled a new ceiling (old one was leaking), put bright furniture. “If you don’t like it, it’s all yours we not thrown”, – said Andrei Malakhov in the program.

Semenov was frankly amazed by the changes: for her transformation of the apartment was such a surprise that she was unable to hold back the tears. “Valerian? Water?” – suggested Andrew. But the 57-year-old Ekaterina Leonidovna restrained.

“Thanks to Andrei Nikolaevich for my happy old age!” sincere thanked Semenov Andrey Malakhov.