Andrey Malakhov has solved the mystery with the new job

Андрей Малахов раскрыл тайну с новой работой
For the past few weeks on the Network do not cease discussions with the departure of Andrei Malakhov from the First channel.

Андрей Малахов раскрыл тайну с новой работой

Everything before this time was wondering what would be associated a new job as a TV presenter. So the other day Malakhov has published the t-shirt of football club “Zenit” of St. Petersburg, surprising many subscribers.

Андрей Малахов раскрыл тайну с новой работой

“Transfer of the year! Thank you Zenit for the trust, my agent Tina Kandelaki for the offer, I will not fail! Smolnikov, Anyukov, Lodygin – for us the victory! – wrote under a photo of Andrew. – PS what number I am on the field – the answer to the second photograph”.

In the next photo you can see that the presenter will be the first. But of course, Andrew can hardly get on the field along with the players. There are assumptions that he will be interviewing athletes.

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