Andrey Malakhov has made a magnificent gift to his hometown

Андрей Малахов сделал роскошный подарок родному городу The TV host attended the ceremony of opening the monument in Apatity. Andrey Malakhov gave the residents of the small country sculpture of Alexander Pushkin works of Zurab Tsereteli. It was installed in one of the local parks.

Andrey Malakhov has long been considered a major celebrity of the small town of Apatity, located in the Murmansk region. It was here he grew up and studied future broadcaster. Chief editor of the project “StarHit” and now tries to visit the small home. Thus, on 8 December, he opened a monument to Alexander Pushkin.

Malakhov gave the sculpture sitting on the bench of the poet’s authorship Zurab Tsereteli beloved city. The monument was erected in the Park in the street Pushkin where traditionally gather representatives of the creative intelligentsia.

The presenter became an honorary guest of the opening ceremony. Together with children from local schools, he cut the red ribbon in front of hundreds of gathered residents.

“I thank you that you came and we are all together present at the opening of this monument. Know always large seen from a distance. And I want my hometown, my home was really beautiful. Now we can proudly say that the monument is not only in Moscow, Paris or Tokyo, but in Apatity”, – shared his impressions Andrey Malakhov during the ceremony.

The presenter talked to the locals and gladly took pictures with them. Fans of Andrew thanked him for what man does not forget about small home and trying to improve the streets of the city of Apatity.

“You’re a big boy. Thank you that you love all of us and our town,” “it was glad to see Andrew. He’s so sincere, a very nice man”, “Apatity proud of you! Continue in the same spirit,” wrote fans Malakhov in social networks.

TV presenter visited the school No. 10, located opposite the square, where a monument was erected. The children were delighted with the appearance of Malakhov, and hastened to make him a few selfies.

In Apatity was held the youth broadcaster. He has repeatedly admitted that he is thankful to the teachers of the city of Apatity vaccinated for the love of science.

The portal “Khibiny” reports that the sculpture was not the first gift of the Andrew low home. Informed thanks to the TV host appeared in the chapel. The locals still continue to share impressions from the visit Malakhov. Many of them believe that it is now a monument to Pushkin will become one of the main attractions of the city.