Андрей Малахов дал профессиональный совет Дмитрию Борисову The new host of “Let them talk” told reporters on the work of one of the most popular TV show in the country. In addition, Dmitry Borisov shared how they had responded to the desire of colleagues to change jobs. The journalist noted that he understands the decision of Andrei Malakhov.
Андрей Малахов дал профессиональный совет Дмитрию Борисову

In mid-August showed the release of “Let them talk” Dmitry Borisov. The presenter, who left the news service and the program “Time”, joined the talk show, Andrey Malakhov went to the “Russia 1” to transmit “Andrey Malakhov. Live”. Recently, the television journalist who, apparently, already settled in the new place, gave an interview to journalists. Dmitry talked about the behind the scenes of the popular show, and also about the transition of colleagues to another channel.

According to Borisov, at first, he pondered whether to accept a job offer “Let speak”. “I thought, “no, no, no, not me!”. But my bosses know that I am inclined to a healthy adventurism”, he said. As a result Dmitry decided to agree, having received a new assignment as a challenge and experiment. Moreover, Andrey Malakhov gave farewell to a colleague, with whom for several years worked on the same channel.

“He was the first person I told about it. He wished me luck, advised to urgently think about his image in the talk show. And somehow took it not as I; he was sure it was mine”, – said Borisov.

The presenter also noted that has long been friends with Andrei Malakhov, which made him “much good”, and spoke about his reaction to his care. According to Dmitry Borisov, he did not expect such a turn of events. However, the journalist says that he understands the decision of colleagues. At the time, he himself felt that needs to change: in 2015, Dmitry became the General producer of the company “First channel. World network”.

“I was surprised. And even made not one attempt to influence his decision. But on the other hand, I understand it. I know for myself: when I do not change the activity, I get bored. (…) At the time I felt some tightness in the frame, and two years ago was the same way when I thought that I might like to try yourself in the role of producer,” – said the presenter.

Huge resonance associated with the fact that Andrey Malakhov left the “Let them talk,” Dmitry Borisov calls “model talk show, carried on all the media of the country.” The journalist believes that this case may enter the textbooks on public relations.

Dmitry Borisov spoke about the work in “Let them talk”

During the conversation with reporters presenter and spoke about how it has changed his relationship with the other. Borisov said he will continue to communicate with Malakhov, because it is not shared by friends at their place of work. “Of course, now he probably won’t tell in detail how, relatively speaking, recorded live about Alla Pugacheva. And I’m not going to tell you how we removed the conditional Maxim Galkin”, – said Dmitry in an interview with “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.