Andrey Malakhov has forced the stars to cry

Андрей Малахов заставил российских звезд плакать In the first issue of a new show of Andrei Malakhov “hi, Andrew!” the presenter and his guests remembered the most high-profile wedding of the year. Touching the theme of forced to cry Valery Meladze, Subsky Anastasia and Svetlana Druzhinin.
Андрей Малахов заставил российских звезд плакать

“If you cry at weddings with happiness, prepare your handkerchiefs. Because today, we remember the most high-profile weddings 2017,” began Andrey Malakhov the first issue of his new show “Hello Andrew!”. In the Studio, gathered the most famous newlyweds of the year, their relatives, and well-known creative couples of the older generation to remember the wedding ceremony, to share experiences and to wish each other happiness.

In 2017 my oldest daughter Inga led the way to the altar Valery Meladze. Wedding girl with a financier from London Nori Fergison was held in Morocco. The three-day celebration and how the young people introduced each other to their parents, recalled in the Studio of Andrey Malakhov all together – and the happy newlyweds and their family.

Valery admitted that despite the fact that he’s a sentimental guy, at the wedding didn’t cry. But in the Studio “Russia1”, performing for his daughter and her husband the song “How beautiful you are today”, still in tears.

Suddenly Valeria in the Studio came his ex-wife, the mother of three of his daughters, Irina. She remembered her wedding with Meladze.

Андрей Малахов заставил российских звезд плакать

“I just realized that our wedding was also in six months as the guys,” said Irina Meladze.
Андрей Малахов заставил российских звезд плакать

The question Malakhov, sang Lee Valery at his wedding, Irina answered in the negative: “Valerie sang Valerie – pil”. He immediately retorted: “I drank, drink and will drink”.

Despite this, single parents Inga Meladze (along with my mom her husband Nori) absolutely agree. They all dream about the grandchildren.

“Inga has always gravitated to the Arab tales. For example, about Aladdin and Princess Jasmine. When I saw Nori, then realized that he was the one Aladdin from the cartoon. Of course, I had questions. I realize how many pitfalls people have different nationalities, different religions. I don’t mind, just different it’s easier. Only one thing I ask – have grandchildren and bring them here to me, for three months at least. Bring, I secretly baptized,” said Irina Meladze.

Love story and wedding details a different famous couple – Alexander Ovechkin and Anastasia Subsky – also touched the audience and guests of the Studio. The fact that the wedding ceremony of the famous hockey player and his sweetheart became the latest public release of Nastya’s mom Subsky – actress Vera Glagoleva. Archival footage is large and bright holiday of love made to cry and Cindy (she was in the television station, but she was released on bond from his home in America), and Svetlana Druzhinin.

“I wanted to say about feelings and desires, your desire to be next to each other. I wish you to experience the excitement of the meeting was always. You have to understand, to feel, to forgive, to give. We, your parents, an example of such a life forever. And Tanya, Misha, and daddy and I really appreciate family. I hope that you will join in our big family”, – said Vera Glagoleva young during the wedding.

The Director and the actress Svetlana Druzhinina was in the Studio as guest of honor together with her husband Anatoly Mukasei, which recently celebrated diamond wedding. She was invited as a Prime example of a long happy marriage.

In the program kind words and exclusive shots remembered the wedding Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin, Sergei Zhukov and Regina Burd and the wedding of sati Casanova, Stefano Tiozzo.

Sati Casanova has married an Italian

Sergey Zhukov and Regina Burd appeared in the Studio along with their three children. The soloist of group “Hands up” married a beautiful woman, then a member of the musical group “Cream” ten years ago. And this year the pair were married. They admitted that they would have done it sooner, but he was baptized only two years ago. In recognition of the spouses, the wedding greatly influenced their lives. “We started with a clean slate. We can say that that was before some children period,” said Regina. And later, in the family circle, with children Sergey and Regina was again married, gave a touching and beautiful ceremony in one of the most romantic places on earth – on lake Como.

A separate part of the program Andrei Malakhov dedicated to Vyacheslav Malezhik and his wife Tatiana, with whom he together 41 years. The artist this year was in the hospital with a stroke and a long rehabilitation time next to him was his lovely wife Tatiana. “It was the most terrible experience, after my mom died, shared the wife of Malezhik – I’m not crying, but knew that he was the main man in my life.”

“The question is whether it will be with me or not, were not. It is me, as the nurse wounded soldier, pulled from the battlefield. She gave the reason that I need someone in this life. This cliche, to live for someone else. I realized I needed to beat this disease for my family and myself, not to be a burden”, – said Vyacheslav.

Both overestimated the life after the incident, and now Vyacheslav ready for something that was not solved for years, like wedding, admitting: “the Road to the temple was shorter”.