Andrey Malakhov has criticized a colleague

Андрей Малахов раскритиковал коллегу

Famous Russian TV-presenter Andrey Malakhov critical and extremely emotionally reacted to the note of his colleagues from the “Komsomolskaya Pravda” Masha Remizova that Dana Borisova allegedly asked to take her from Thailand to Moscow.

Like other patients undergoing therapy in the “12 steps”, Dana is isolated from the rest of the world, but the tog required by the rules. It was reported that the rehabilitation center is more like a resort than a place of treatment and stay very expensive, but all costs took over the First channel. Recall that a few days ago the journalist reported that the TV presenter got in touch with her through someone else’s phone and asked for help. Allegedly took her money, passport and phone. Fans of the TV presenter in disbelief. They went to Andrey Malakhov for clarification and that did not force them to wait long.
“For anyone who thinks Dana holding force fresh photos. Silano 5 hours ago…” — posted by Malakhov and posted a photo of This. She really doesn’t look sharpened in prison an unhappy woman, and even on the contrary – tanned, ruddy, refreshed. Obviously, treatment is already bearing fruit.
Could not resist Andrew and taunts in the direction of your fantasies colleagues Masha Remizova, bloated scandal out of nothing.
“Masarikova from @kpru write stories about Dana Borisov, at least in appearance truthfully: if she took the phone, and she writes with a stranger: that picture??” — wrote Malakhov.
Recall that while Dana is being treated, her daughter Pauline is with her father, the former civil husband Borisova Maxim Aksenov.