Andrey Malakhov got into a huge Scam

Андрея Малахова втянули в грандиозную аферу
Scammers cashed in on the name of the presenter.

Andrey Malakhov

Andrey Malakhov were embroiled in the great Internet Scam.
Fraudsters staged a speculation on the subject of the dismissal of the presenter with the First channel.
Supposedly the real reason for the departure of the showman began his story in an episode of “Let
say” about the miracle ointment that cures pain in the joints. The authors claimed that the banned Malakhov to give free advertising
magic solution, but he wanted to do good for the people, went against
the authorities, for which he was fired.

Convincingly written article encouraged readers to buy
ointment to ensure its effectiveness. The truth about the scams using the name
Malakhov in the mercenary purposes, came to light due to the fact that the article was signed with the real name of the journalist, which, however, had no relationship to the material. She found out about his “ownership” of the Scam, when on her page in social networks began to write relatives
asking about the effect of the ointment and how to order it, if not through the site
it turns out.

The indignant journalist decided to sort out the fact and ordered the product. Edition found out that the cure, fortunately, is harmless. However, use is not responsible. The Bank was a common base for creams, which
after adding nutrients. Those, by the way, the ointment was not.